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You can learn to sight read the entire New Testament in Greek without a readers edition or Bible software. All you need is the right tools, habits and system.

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Darryl Burling

Darryl Burling, PhD
Creator of Master New Testament Greek

Two paths toward mastery

Build Vocabulary

Master to vocabulary of the Greek New Testament systematically, at your own pace. The Master New Testament Greek Student Edition gives you a complete electronic vocabulary of the New Testament ordered book by book to walk you to reading fluency for a single upfront fee.

Mastery Membership

The Mastery Membership provides you with live online classes, vocabulary, regular office hours, 1:1 help and an online community to walk you step-by-step through the tools, habits and system to read the entire Greek New Testament for a simple flat monthly fee.

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Why learn to read the Greek New Testament?

There are numerous benefits of actually reading the Greek New Testament. Which of these benefits interests you most?


Much biblical understanding is lost in translation. A translation is like a commentary on the Bible without footnotes. That means that the difference between reading Greek and reading in English is like the difference between a 1950's black and white television compared to a modern 4k HDTV.

Themes in scripture are often clearer when you can see the commonalities between lexical ideas and repeated use of constructions. You'll see ideas come to life and passages connect like you never have before.


Those who don't know Greek are dependent upon those who can read it. That means that pastors and teachers must choose between the different scholarly opinions and interpretations without first hand knowledge.

The ability to exegete the Greek certainly helps, but nothing compares to the confidence that comes from a rich first hand working knowledge of the original language. Confidence comes not merely from knowing Greek, but knowing the word of God in the Greek.


It takes time to do exegesis properly. While this will always be necessary, you can speed up the process by having a lower dependence on tools. A fluency in the language helps you quickly see where to focus your attention, and which grammatical constructions are significant.

The clarity and confidence you will gain from reading will flow into the study, helping you use tools to come to better conclusions in less time. This frees you to spend more time applying your understanding of scripture to the lives of those you minister to.


If you can read Greek, you can get clarity and confidence to feed your own soul. Don't just read Greek for the sake of study. Read the Greek New Testament in your own devotional times. Sure, the Greek of the New Testament is unfamiliar, but that will make the message fresh and challenge you to grow in new ways!

As you read the language, not only will it help you understand the text of the New Testament, but you'll begin to understand the mindset of the readers. Reading Greek in your devotional time will enrich not only your life, but also your ministry and those you minister to.


As your knowledge of the word of God is enriched by your reading of the Greek New Testament, your clarity and confidence in scripture will increase your conviction about the truthfulness of what God says in His Word.

This results in an increased desire to please the Lord in every aspect of your life. As your desire to please the Lord grows, your faithfulness to Him and His Word will increase. The best way become and remain a faithful shepherd is to grow in your own conviction of the importance of God's holiness and His calling on your life.


The integrity of the church is dependent upon the integrity of the gospel. The integrity of the gospel is dependent upon how well its ministers and leaders understand the gospel and its implications. Learning to read Greek isn't just about the benefits you gain, but about the church.

The clarity, confidence, efficiency and vitality you gain from reading the Greek New Testament benefits the church because it benefits your church. Learning to read Greek is much more than just what it does for you. It reverberates in your church and through history.

These and more benefits are yours when you can read New Testament Greek

Enter your best email and I’ll send my mini-guide,
The Roadmap to Mastery

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