Hi, I'm Darryl Burling.

I started Master New Testament Greek, the online membership program for learning Greek to help people like you learn to read the New Testament in the original language.
Since 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn to read biblical Greek.
That includes pastors, homeschool moms, plumbers, builders, lawyers, retirees and more!
I teach Greek using the 3-step system I invented in seminary. This system will get you reading your Greek NT, book by book.
Every week, I get messages from members who say that this system helped them to finally read Greek, after years of trying.
To find out more about the 3-step system, request a copy of the Roadmap to Mastery below! You’ll also receive my regular emails on learning Greek to help you on your journey.
"Like a personal trainer for the Greek New Testament"
Rob Plummer
Daily Dose of Greek, Professor of New Testament Interpretation

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

About the Master New Testament Greek Memberships

$25 USD Monthly

$45 USD Monthly

How It Works

Master New Testament Greek offers two memberships.

The Community Membership is perfect for those who have some knowledge of Greek already or are self-studying.

In the community, you can discuss Greek with fellow members, and join live calls to sharpen your skills and get specific help if you’re stuck. 

The Mastery Membership is for those who would like to learn to read the whole Greek New Testament using my 3-step system. 

You get instant access to all my courses, which cover everything from Beginning Greek to reading the most advanced books of the Greek New Testament. 

To find out more, join the mailing list below!

Join the mailing list and receive your copy of the Roadmap to Mastery

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