Overcome the most challenging aspect of New Testament Greek–Vocabulary

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Master the Greek New Testament

Designed to take you beyond the classroom

Traditional classroom training requires that you learn by occurrence. But occurrence gets harder and less rewarding as  you progress. The result is that most people give up learning vocabulary. When you give up learning vocabulary, you end up with no path to master the Greek New Testament. 

If you want to keep learning Greek when you leave the classroom, you’ll want a system that will work in the classroom and beyond. Master New Testament Greek is that system.

Master New Testament Greek is a guide to master the Greek New Testament

What the experts say

I'm impressed with Darryl Burling's method of tying vocabulary acquisition to a graded reading of actual New Testament texts. It's true that students learn vocabulary best when it overlaps with their reading of Scripture, and they need to start with easier texts and build to more complex ones. I will recommend this resource to my students.
Dr. Rob Plummer
Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Any tool that can help students to master the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is a good thing. Carefully designed for this purpose, Master New Testament Greek is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.
Dr. Constantine Campbell
Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

What's the difference?

The main approaches to vocabulary acquisition are designed for the classroom, but don’t provide a systematic approach to help you beyond the second year (though some stretch it to a third year). Master New Testament Greek helps you to master the classroom requirements, and then provides an efficient path to fluency when you’re done.

Most approaches to vocabulary give you just a book. I think we can do better than that.


Every Word

Master New Testament Greek provides every single word in the Greek New Testament


Learn words by occurrence (e.g. words that occur 20x or more in the Greek New Testament), or every word optimized book by book.

Better Glosses

Glosses are crafted to help you learn the range of a word's use in the New Testament


Each word has been analyzed against BDAG, Liddel & Scott, Abbot, and more to provide optimized glosses for the entire New Testament .

Flashcards Included

Never enter write or search for vocabulary again


Every New Testament word is provided in excel format and ready to be imported into popular apps

App Aware

Includes full instructions for learning vocabulary on your mobile device

Rapid Proficiency

Start learning vocabulary on your phone in minutes. Includes written and video instructions

There's more

PDF ebook

All the vocabulary, all the instructions, one book.

Read & Annotate

Import to your tablet, mark it up. Or just read it.

Syntax Cheat Sheet

Every syntactical construction in one quick flyer

Quick Reference

Fold it and put it in your Greek New Testament. Includes page numbers for Wallace and Köstenberger, Merkle and Plummer.

Full Instructions

Read, watch and follow along

Fully supported

The PDF includes full instructions, but you also get step-by-step video instructions, and an email course to get you started.

Leading you from the classroom to fluent reading

It’s is not just about passing a test. Master New Testament Greek is about leading you on a journey to master the entire Greek New Testament.

Start where you are

Master New Testament Greek provides the vocabulary in 8 different structures. Work by occurrence, or chapter by chapter. Exclude proper nouns and/or Hapax legomena.

Start by learning words that occur 20x or more. Then finish book by book.

Graded Reader

Master New Testament Greek arranges books from easy to hard, taking into account the syntactical difficulty and lexical complexity of each New Testament book.

Learn the words of each book, and then simply read it.

Keep Moving

Starting with shorter, easier books, keeps you moving. If you memorize 25 words each week, you'll learn to read a new book of the New Testament every 2 months on average.

Book by book, you master the entire New Testament.

Darryl Burling, PhD


Crafted for students

I discovered the frustration of trying to learn to read the Greek New Testament using occurrence based methods. So I created Master New Testament Greek as a more efficient and rewarding way to learn to read the entire Greek New Testament.

By creating and using this system, I learned to read every word of the Greek New Testament fluently in less than 4 years, while working on my Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

Approved by professors

While I was teaching the difficult Greek of 2 Peter to a group of graduate students, I was impressed with how one student showed real familiarity with the vocabulary, especially the rarely used words. So I asked the student how he was able to master the vocabulary so well and he told me about his Greek vocabulary acquisition method.

Now that student, Darryl Burling, is ready to share that method with you. Learning vocabulary is probably the greatest obstacle to fluently reading the NT in its original language. I heartily recommend Darryl’s method and encourage you to use it!
Dr. William Varner
Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University and Seminary

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Master New Testament Greek takes a different approach to other vocabulary acquisition methods. Simplyy learn the words of the Greek New Testament and then read the text.

But Master New Testament Greek doesn’t stop there! It also provides:

Master the Greek New Testament


Build your vocabulary systematically. You already know words occuring more than 50 times, but even if you’ve memorized down to 10 occurrences, Master New Testament Greek can take you the rest of the way.


Master New Testament Greek is designed for people who want to read the text of the New Testament. Vocabulary is arranged book by book, starting with the easiest New Testament texts.


Because Master New Testament Greek orders books from easy to hard, as you read, your fluency and speed improve. Book by book you can master the entire New Testament in 1-3 years.

Ready to Master the Greek New Testament?

Books constrain you to a one-product-fits-all approach. You get the book. That’s it. I think we can do better than that

Start today for just




100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with Master New Testament Greek within the next 30 days, then I will gladly refund your money.

What do customers say?

I am actually reading my Greek NT!

Now, after 20 years in the pastoral ministry I am actually reading my Greek NT rather than tediously dissecting the text for sermon preparation. Master New Testament Greek was just the tool I needed. This plan is realistic and manageable — even for the full time pastor. I love this simple strategy for maintaining the Greek I already know.

"Now that I am started with this method I am motivated by the sheer joy of comprehending the New Testament as I read from my Greek Bible. I wish I would have had this tool when I had completed my first Greek course over 30 years ago! Every seminary student (along with busy pastors) should take advantage of Master New Testament Greek. Darryl Burling has done us all a great favor!
Ken Anema how has sheer joy in reading the Greek New Testament thanks to Master New Testament Greek
Ken Anema

"The best post-seminary Greek program"

Before this program I simply never thought to try and memorize every word of the Greek New Testament. It was too daunting of a task. But memorizing every word of 1 John was a very manageable goal, which then also made memorizing 2 John also manageable, and then 3 John, so on and so forth. For this reason, I’m convinced that this is the best post-seminary Greek program that a pastor, missionary, Bible translator, scholar, or anyone could embark upon.
Daniel Chin
I have just finished the whole set of Master New Testament Greek vocabulary! I mean that I have added and practiced all the vocabularies of the NT and will continue to practice daily on it. Thanks for making this program so that I can follow a solid plan to achieve this daunting task. Thanks again and may the Lord bless all your work.
Henry Au
Henry Au
Hong Kong

It is focused and specific. This is just what I needed.

I tend to get on rabbit trails in the Greek and end up not being able to read the amount that I set out to do. However, in just the three days I have been using your Greek guide I have been making great progress. It has been very helpful because it is focused and specific. This is just what I needed because I always wanted to make progress but lacked the structure to follow. Thank you.
Bill McIlwain

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Every day you have an opportunity to grow. Start today and acquire all the benefits of reading Greek. By consistently working through Master New Testament Greek, you will progress to fluency!

Unfortunately no. This is designed for students who have completed at least one year of Greek, to help them continue their learning until they have mastered the entire Greek New Testament.

However, the Mastery Membership includes a beginner course. Join the waitlist.

Not exactly. Master New Testament Greek is a systematic approach to master the Greek New Testament. This means it starts with the easier books to read (1 John) and progresses to the harder books (Luke/Acts).

If you jump into Master New Testament Greek at (for example) 1 Peter, there will be words in 1 Peter that will be missing because Master New Testament Greek assumes you learned those in the books that come before it.

Master New Testament Greek will certainly lead you through 1 Peter (and every other New Testament book), but it does so in a carefully crafted order. This approach has several benefits:

  • It reduces the number of words to learn in more difficult books when you come to them
  • It smooths out the number of words to learn in each book overall
  • It keeps you moving as quickly as possible through books of the NT
  • Progressing through books quickly rewards your hard work and keeps you motivated

Not everybody wants to learn every word (though I strongly recommend you do – read why) and not everybody wants the words broken down by occurrence. So with Master New Testament Greek you get choices. Learn by chapter or occurrence. Learn all the words, or exclude proper nouns and/or hapax legomena.

Here are the vocabulary acquisition choices you’ll find for each book in Master New Testament Greek.

  1. Vocab ordered by Chapter
    • All words
    • Without proper nouns
    • Without hapax legomena
    • Without proper nouns and hapax legomena
  2. Vocab ordered by Occurrence
    • All words
    • Without proper nouns
    • Without hapax legomena
    • Without proper nouns and hapax legomena

Here’s an example of the flexibility this offers: Start by learning all words occurring 20x or more, then start again and work by chapter to learn all remaining words (and optionally exclude proper nouns and/or hapax legomena).

Achieve your goal faster.

No. You’re buying a systematic approach, which recommends a specific app (an industrial grade flashcards app suited to the task) and provides you with everything you need including all the flashcards delivered as Excel files, so you can use them in a Flashcards app. I will also provide you with video tutorials for setting it up with Master New Testament Greek.

Finally, you’ll also get help with planning, and a 3-month plan you can use out of the box or as a template. 

This is more like a vocabulary book on steroids.

First, Master New Testament Greek connects vocabulary to specific books of the Bible so you can memorize the words, then read that book without needing a lexicon. You master vocabulary, and then you master the New Testament book in which that vocabulary is found. 

Second, Master New Testament Greek includes all the flashcards, making it easy to import them into your Flashcards app. 

Here are some other advantages. Master New Testament Greek:

  • is designed to enable you to read the entire Greek New Testament
  • includes all the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament
  • includes all vocabulary in Excel files for easy importing into your flashcards app
  • includes full instructions for using Flashcards Deluxe
  • includes 8 vocabulary acquisition options
  • includes a guide to setting and achieving your goal
  • includes a email mini-course to get you up and running quickly
  • includes free updates!

In a sense it combines vocabulary with a New Testament Greek reader. Memorize. Read. Master.

No. Master New Testament Greek is a structured approach to vocabulary acquisition. However, click here and I’ll send you some recommendations for other tools that I used to master the Greek New Testament, including parsing tools.
Darryl Burling

Darryl Burling, PhD
Creator of Master New Testament Greek 

I’m here to support you!

I’m Darryl, creator of Master New Testament Greek.

I discovered the frustration of trying to learn to read the Greek New Testament using occurrence based methods. So I created Master New Testament Greek as a more efficient and rewarding way to learn to read the entire Greek New Testament.

By creating and using this system, I learned to read every word of the Greek New Testament fluently in less than 4 years, while working on my Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

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