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I created Master New Testament Greek to master the Greek New Testament. It worked so well, that now I help others master Greek using the same system.

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What is Master New Testament Greek?

Master New Testament Greek is a program that is designed to help you get the clarity, confidence, vitality and efficiency that only comes when you can read the Greek New Testament fluently. By fluently, we mean being able to read the Greek New Testament without looking words up, and without any helps.

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Reap the benefits of mastering Greek for yourself

Here’s a sampling of what you stand to gain by learning and mastering New Testament Greek using the Master New Testament Greek system.


Much biblical understanding is lost in translation. A translation is like a commentary on the Bible without footnotes. That means that the difference between reading Greek and reading in English is like the difference between a 1950's black and white television compared to a modern 4k HDTV.


Those who don't know Greek are dependent upon those who can read it. That means that pastors and teachers must choose between the different scholarly opinions and interpretations without first hand knowledge.


It takes time to do exegesis properly. While this will always be necessary, you can speed up the process by having a lower dependence on tools. A fluency in the language helps you quickly see where to focus your attention, and which grammatical constructions are significant.


As your knowledge of the word of God is enriched by your reading of the Greek New Testament, your clarity and confidence in scripture will increase your conviction about the truthfulness of what God says in His Word.


If you can read Greek, you can get clarity and confidence to feed your own soul. Don't just read Greek for the sake of study. Read the Greek New Testament in your own devotional times. Sure, the Greek of the New Testament is unfamiliar, but that will make the message fresh and challenge you to grow in new ways!


The integrity of the church is dependent upon the integrity of the gospel. The integrity of the gospel is dependent upon how well its ministers and leaders understand the gospel and its implications. Learning to read Greek isn't just about the benefits you gain, but about the church.

The Reformers believed knowing Greek was critical to the church

We will not long preserve the gospel without the languages… If through our neglect we let the languages go (which God forbid!), we shall lose the gospel... It is inevitable that unless the languages remain, the gospel must finally perish.
Martin Luther
Since the Bible is written in part in Hebrew and in part in Greek, . . . we drink from the stream of both—we must learn these languages, unless we want to be ‘silent persons’ as theologians.
Philip Melanchthon

Modern scholars agree

The alternative [to learning Greek] is to take what other scholars say without the power of forming an individual judgement.
A. T. Robertson
Professor New Testament
Another result when pastors do not study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew is that they, and their churches with them, tend to become secondhanders. The harder it is for us to get at the original meaning of the Bible the more we will revert to the secondary literature... Weakness in Greek and Hebrew also gives rise to exegetical imprecision and carelessness. And exegetical imprecision is the mother of liberal theology
John Piper
Bethlehem College and Seminary
It is precisely because there are so many excellent commentaries available today that the use of the biblical languages in preaching becomes more important, not less... given the many commentaries and Bible resources available today, not to use the languages in our preaching will either cost us too much time and cause frustration in the end, redefine our role as pastors altogether, or deny the very Bible we are purporting to preach.
Scott Hafeman
University St Andrews
More translations and commentaries may make our library look well stocked, but they do not ensure that our interpretation of the Bible will be correct. Our point is not to out-translate the translation (our out comment the commentaries) but to see for ourselves how exegetical decisions are made by others and why.
Dr. Rob Plummer
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

There are 3 simple secrets to attain mastery

Have the right tools

The tools we use need to fit our lifestyle, and grow with us so that we can get all the way to full fluency. You'll need tools to speed up your vocabulary acquisition, improve your parsing, connect you with other learners and help you take in the concepts.

Establish the right habits

The trick to managing something like reading the Greek New Testament is to break it into small incremental steps. Too many people think they need to devote hours each day, but in reality, all that is necessary is a 1% improvement each day. Start small and be consistent and mastery becomes inevitable.

Use the right system

You need a systematic approach to master the Greek of the New Testament. Master New Testament Greek is the only system specifically designed to take you all the way to mastery of the Greek New Testament, taking advantage of small steps you can do each day.

Introducing the Mastery Membership

How the Mastery Membership leads you to fluency

The Mastery Membership will walk you through 5 stages on your way to mastery

Start at the beginning

Where you are today is your starting point, whether beginner, rusty or ready.

Establish the habits

Once you know the basics, you need to establish the necessary habits for success

Read the easy books

Establish the habit and begin to read the Greek New Testament!

Gain Greek Freedom

The more you learn, the more freedom you will have throughout the New Testament

Master the New Testament

Add texts from outside the New Testament to broaden your knowledge and take you to mastery

Start where you are right now


You've never learned Greek, or it was so long ago that you learned it that you need to start over.


You learned Greek in seminary but you're not confident you can parse words or decline nouns. Perhaps you've dropped your vocabulary and want to regain it?


You recently finished learning Greek or you've established a reasonable proficiency, but reading is still difficult, slow and frustrating.

We all start somewhere. One of these probably describes you:

Wherever you are, you can learn to read the Greek New Testament fluently.

Membership Mastery Includes

Easy self-paced progress to mastery

The Mastery Membership takes you book-by-book through the Greek New Testament, breaking the entire Greek New Testament into segments called milestones. 

In each milestone, you have a consistent set of activities the build your knowledge and confidence of the Greek New Testament. 


The Mastery Membership breaks the New Testament into milestones.

Each milestone is designed to break the task into more achievable sections

Milestone 1 – Establish the habit

Milestone 1-3 – Read the easier books

Milestone 4-6 – Gain Greek freedom

Milestone 7 – Master the New Testament


Each week, you’ll get a well defined set of tasks to focus on.

If you have a ready knowledge of Greek, then each week you will…

Total anticipated time 5-10 minutes per day plus your regular Bible reading time

Here's what you get in the Mastery Membership

The Mastery Membership is a carefully crafted tailored rewarding systematic graded proven sustainable approach to Biblical Greek

Praise from professors for Master New Testament Greek...

What members say...

Master New Testament Greek has transformed how I read the Greek New Testament

“Master New Testament Greek has transformed how I read the Greek New Testament. No longer frustrated by passages full of unfamiliar vocabulary, sometimes feeling like I'm looking up almost every word, now I can come to the text with the confidence that I know a basic gloss for every word. This even helps with parsing - it's much more tempting to quickly give up on trying to parse difficult forms if you're unsure if this is a word you actually know. Of course, growing in ability with Koine Greek is about more than just learning vocabulary, and in the membership program, Darryl Burling's videos, and pointers to grammars and other resources help here too, explaining things which are difficult to understand, but also in highlighting important points of grammar and syntax that might otherwise be missed. The result of all this is that Master New Testament Greek, and especially the membership program, is an excellent way of gaining fluency in reading the Greek New Testament.”
David Morgan
United Kingdom

A sustainable system…

“I strongly commend MNTG to anyone who desires to know God more deeply through His Word. Darryl has created a sustainable system that will inevitably lead to both a greater understanding of the Greek language and spiritual growth when consistency is applied. This is my experience and I am confident that it will only get better over time.”
Steven Pretsel

My ability and confidence to read the Greek text has grown exponentially

“I have really grown to enjoy Master New Testament Greek. As I have progressed through the lessons, my ability and confidence to read the Greek text has grown exponentially. I feel much more comfortable. At first I did not do my quiet time in Greek because it was such a slog to get through it, so much so that I was counter productive to the purpose of communing with the Lord. However, now it is much more illuminating and enjoyable. I have completed the process through Philemon, so I am still relatively new. Also I am 65 years old, so if I can do it so can all of you youngsters! Finally, I want to give a shout to Darryl for all of his hard work.”
Jeff Graff
United States

The Mastery Membership has made it possible for me to maintain and grow my mastery of the Greek

“The Master New Testament Greek program allows you to do just that. I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps. Better however, is that MNTG is not just a self study program. Darryl is personally involved in helping and encouraging all of us in the program to improve our Greek skills. Most important, this is the only program I've found since graduating from Seminary that has made it possible for me to maintain and grow in my mastery of the Greek text of the Bible.”
Dennis Davies
United States
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