Beginning Greek Survey

Help me work out the best time to host a live course with you in it. Fill in the details below, letting me know when you can join live and I’ll select a time that works for the most people!

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Helpful information

More than just a course

The Master New Testament Greek Beginning Greek course is part of the Mastery Membership, and this provides you with several important benefits.

  1. More affordable – pay a simple and low monthly fee and get access to everything. Master New Testament Greek live courses are free for members.
  2. Nobody is left behind – if you miss a lesson, you still get access to the workbook walk through, so you can catch up. In addition, you can book a 15 minute call with me twice a month to discuss any questions or issues.
  3. Continue learning РMaster New Testament Greek is mastering Greek. The Mastery Membership is designed to take you all the way to reading fluently. Your membership will take  you step by step through the Greek New Testament starting from the easy books and progressing to the hardest.
  4. Seamless transition to intermediate Greek. Once we finish beginning Greek, we’ll translate 1 John together, and start your journey to learning to read the entire Greek New Testament fluently.
  5. Enjoy all the other benefits of the Mastery Membership including live monthly calls, online community, clear weekly tasks and more.
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