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The Community Membership is the best way to get support, encouragement and develop your understanding of the Greek NT

Encouragement, camaraderie, support

Learning Greek alone is hard work, but having a community of others means you’re never alone, even if nobody else in your church, or area is interested biblical Greek. 

Sure, you could join a Facebook Group, but there are so many distractions, and they are often not well curated, and members frequently have different goals and reasons for being there. Then there are the trolls… 

The MNTG Community membership is a community of learners all on the same path toward mastery of the Greek New Testament. We’ve got members at each different level, so there is always support and help, and there are others who need your help too!

More than a community - an education

The Master New Testament Greek Community provides you access to our Reading Academy. 

Every month we read a book related to the New Testament. These books range from NT Survey books, to books on Linguistics and Exegesis. 

At the beginning of the month, you’ll get a reading plan, an introduction to the book and why its worth reading, along with links to purchase the book from your favorite reseller. During the month, you’ll also find an introduction to each week’s reading inside the community to whet your appetite. 

At the end of the month, we get on a live call together to discuss what we read and to share insights.

Where else do you get to read 12 books each year that deepen your love for the Word? 

Weekly Help and Encouragement

Our Office Hours calls are a great way to connect with others, get help when you need it and learn in a group!

Each week, we spend an hour together helping you make serious progress, answering your questions and solving problems. 

We also take the time to unpack a piece of Greek text together, explaining how the syntax works together to convey the meaning the author intends. Kind of like the Daily Dose of Greek – but in a live environment.

TRead more Greek

One of the joys of seminary is reading Greek texts together. These are great times to learn from each other, tackle hard texts and hone translation and grammar skills. Text Reading Calls are a weekly feature of the MNTG Community.

Each month we select a text to read for the month, and then each week we read a little more together, unpacking the text, its meaning and how the grammar is working. 

We cycle through a reading from the New Testament, the Septuagint (the Greek Old Testament), then go back to the New Testament, and finally select a passage from the Apostolic Fathers.

The mix of familiar and unfamiliar texts as well as the varying degrees of difficulty help you to hone your Greek, and develop your reading comprehension and speed at the same time.

Quarterly Guest Calls

Each quarter, we host a call with an expert in a field related to the study of the New Testament. In the past we ‘ve hosted people like Rob Plummer, Abner Chou, Michael A. G. Haykin and more. 

Replays when you're ready

If you can’t make the main call, we record the call and make them available for you to watch inside the community when you’re ready. 

You can even go back over all the previous calls and watch those if you’ve got time to spare!

Community Round-ups

Each week, members receive an email with highlights from the community over the last week, as well as an overview of what’s on over the next week. This email is also posted to the community, so you always know what’s going on, and where to go to join in.

No Distractions

The Master New Testament Greek is not hosted on social media, which means no advertisements, no algorithm and no distractions. 

Use either your web browser or the mobile app to join in wherever you are, the way you want.


Everything you need to Master NT Greek
$ 25 Monthly
  • Join the MNTG Online Community
  • Weekly Office Hours calls
  • Weekly Text Reading calls
  • MNTG Reading Academy
  • Monthly Reading Review Call
  • Access to call replays

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel anytime. To cancel your membership just email


But, if you already have a course or you've purchased a Greek grammar, the MNTG Community Membership is an excellent accompaniment. Work through your course (or Grammar) and use the Office Hours call to maintain momentum, ask questions and stay motivated.

We are constantly evolving the membership and now have some calls available in multiple time slots, and anticipate adding more calls in the future.

But if you can't make a call, we record all calls and post them in the community afterwards so you can watch them later. 

Yes, when the Mastery Membership opens, just email and we can upgrade your membership for you, and give you access to all the Mastery Membership benefits.

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