The Online Community Designed to Accelerate Your Greek Reading Skills


A private, online community with regular LIVE teaching to give you the structure, accountability and support you need to keep advancing your Greek

The MNTG Community Membership Will Spur You On In Your Greek

The MNTG  Community is an online forum of dedicated Greek learners, who are all there to help one another out, discuss Greek and share resources.

Every week inside the Community I or one of my team host up to three calls – These include the Office Hours Call, the Text Reading Call, and the Reading Academy Call.

The Office Hours Call is there for you to bring your questions, and I’ll provide answers to help you overcome whatever’s keeping you stuck. 

The Text Reading Call is where we read Greek text together, giving you a chance to translate out loud and discuss meanings with fellow members. 

We also have the monthly Reading Academy call, which functions like a specialized book club.  Every month I nominate a book, we read it on schedule, then hop on a call to talk about it. This gives you an opportunity to grow intellectually and theologically through a systematic approach.

If Your Goal Is To Keep Growing In Your Ability To Read Greek, the Community Membership Will Help Make That A Reality

The Community Membership is ideal for those who have learned some Greek but have no external structure to ensure continued growth. 

Normally I open the doors to the Community to welcome new members just a couple of times a year.

If you’re interested in joining, then get your Roadmap to Mastery below. 

That way you’ll hear about the next opportunity to join via email!

"Like a personal trainer for the
Greek New Testament"

Dr. Rob Plummer

Daily Dose of Greek, Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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