You can learn to sight read the entire New Testament in Greek without a readers edition or Bible software. If it sounds difficult, you've probably fallen into one of the common traps...

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Darryl Burling

Creator of Master New Testament Greek
Master New Testament Greek has transformed how I read the Greek New Testament. No longer frustrated by passages full of unfamiliar vocabulary, sometimes feeling like I'm looking up almost every word, now I can come to the text with the confidence that I know a basic gloss for every word.
David Morgan
Customer, United Kingdom

I was shocked at the stories of people who lost their Greek after seminary. So when I went to seminary to learn biblical Greek, I was determined that not only would I not lose my Greek afterwards, but that I would learn to read the New Testament in the original language fluently. That means without depending on a reader’s edition or software or any other helps.

I knew that the better I knew the original languages, the better I’d know the word of God and the God of the Word. I also knew that this would help me to be more effective in my ministry and help grow and sustain my own walk with the Lord.

This led me to develop the approach in Master New Testament Greek. Using this approach, I learned to read the entire Greek New Testament without relying on a reader’s edition, Bible software or any other helps just 4 years after I took my first Greek lesson.

What I discovered is that modern systems of learning Greek are targeted at people who are in seminary or who are researching in the languages. These systems and approaches often don’t work well for someone learning Greek outside of a classroom.

Now, after helping dozens of people on the same journey, I have noticed that there are a number of common mistakes that people make when they try to learn Greek alone.

So if you’re learning Greek outside of the classroom, don’t waste months or even years without getting the benefits of the language for yourself. I have compiled these common mistakes into a single PDF for you. Just enter your email address below and I’ll send it to you, free.

Start mastering Greek the smart way

Enter your best email address and I'll send you my free PDF, the 7 most common mistakes people make learning Greek alone.

The Master New Testament Greek program allows you to do just that. I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps.
Dennis Davies
Customer, United States

How does Master New Testament Greek help?

Proven Approach

Designed to provide pastors and church leaders with confidence in New Testament Greek

Rapid Rewards

Regardless of where you start, you can be reading within just a few weeks.

Simplifies Learning

Based on a graded approach to New Testament vocabulary and syntax

Removes stress

Step-by-step process, no second-guessing whether you are going down the right track


Reading the Greek New Testament allows you to discover the Greek New Testament all over again.

Reduced effort

Learn a word once, identify it everywhere, see it in context immediately.

Help when you need it

Master New Testament Greek is not just about your Greek, but about impacting your ministry

Carefully crafted

All the work is carefully organized so that you move as quickly as possible, without getting overwhelmed

Join a community

The mastery membership connects you with others who are on the same path. You're not alone!

Master New Testament Greek provides the accountability and coaching that students and pastors need to progress in their reading of the Greek New Testament.
Dr. Rob Plummer
Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Creator of the Daily Dose of Greek.
Master New Testament Greek is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.
Dr. Constantine Campbell
Associate Professor of New Testament
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
I strongly commend Master New Testament Greek to anyone who desires to know God more deeply through His Word.
Steven Pretsel
Customer, Australia
Now, after 20 years in the pastoral ministry I am actually reading my Greek NT rather than tediously dissecting the text for sermon preparation.
Ken Anema how has sheer joy in reading the Greek New Testament thanks to Master New Testament Greek
Ken Anema
Customer, United States

Start mastering Greek the smart way

Enter your best email address and I'll send you my free PDF, the 7 most common mistakes people make learning Greek alone.

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