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Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator of Master New Testament Greek

Learn To Read The Greek New Testament With Confidence

Want to be effective in your life and ministry? You need to build on the firm foundation of God’s Word. Learning to read Greek helps you do just that. 

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You Can Learn To Read Greek

Here's How Master New Testament Greek Can Help You

Build Your Vocabulary

Master New Testament Greek Student Edition is a complete guide to the 3-step system for mastering the GNT. Learn your vocabulary book-by-book and read the books of the GNT in order from easiest to hardest.

The MNTG Student Edition also includes guidance for the tools and habits you will need to develop your comprehension of NT Greek to fluency.

Get A Comprehensive Education In Greek

The Mastery Membership gives you access to a seminary-style education in Greek. Participate in live online classes, regular calls, and the MNTG Community, and get instant access to all the course materials available for you to self-study.

The Mastery Membership offers everything you need for mastery of the Greek New Testament.... and more!

Build On The Greek Knowledge You Already Have

The Community Membership gives you access to the exclusive MNTG Community, where we have weekly and monthly teaching calls to give you momentum with Greek.

The Community is filled with members who are dedicated to learning Greek and to helping one another out.

Praise for Master New Testament Greek

If you’re wondering how my reading is going... I wake up, read 1 1/2 verses in the GNT, get mind blown, walk around with mind blown, write sermon.
Ryan Penley
Recently completed Beginning Greek in the Mastery Membership
I’m impressed with Darryl Burling’s method of tying vocabulary acquisition to a graded reading of actual New Testament texts. It’s true that students learn vocabulary best when it overlaps with their reading of Scripture, and they need to start with easier texts and build to more complex ones. I will recommend this resource to my students.
Dr. Rob Plummer
Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Creator of the Daily Dose of Greek
Learning vocabulary is probably the greatest obstacle to fluently reading the NT in its original language. I heartily recommend Darryl’s method and encourage you to use it!
Dr. William Varner
Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master's University
Any tool that can help students to master the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is a good thing. Carefully designed for this purpose, Master New Testament Greek is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.
Dr. Constantine Campbell
New Testament Scholar, Author
Master New Testament Greek has transformed how I read the Greek New Testament. No longer frustrated by passages full of unfamiliar vocabulary, sometimes feeling like I'm looking up almost every word, now I can come to the text with the confidence that I know a basic gloss for every word.
David Morgan
Mastery Member, United Kingdom
Mastering New Testament Greek with Darryl has given me a community in which to learn and discuss Greek. I have found Darryl knowledge, helpful and flexible as I refreshed my beginning Greek and start my goal of reading the New Testament fluently. I have felt motivated to learn and put in the hard work required to cement the concepts of Greek in my mind rather than rely on reading helps. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to start the exciting journey of learning New Testament Greek. Thank you Darryl and fellow students.
Neil Ellson
Mastery Member

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Why Should I Learn to Read the Greek New Testament?

There are numerous benefits of actually reading the Greek New Testament, as opposed to relying on translations and reader commentaries, such as…


If you want clarity on the word of God, you'll get so much more from reading in Greek than you would from a translation.

To illustrate the difference, if reading your bible in English is like watching a 1950's black and white TV, then reading in Greek is like watching a modern, 4k HDTV in full colour.

Themes in scripture are clearer when you can see the commonalities between lexical ideas and repeated use of constructions. You'll see ideas come to life and passages connect like you never have before.


Those who don't know Greek are dependent upon those who can read it. That means that pastors and teachers must choose between the different scholarly opinions and interpretations without firsthand knowledge.

The ability to exegete the Greek certainly helps, but nothing compares to the confidence that comes from a rich working knowledge of the original language. Confidence comes not merely from knowing some Greek words, but being able to read the word of God in Greek.


It takes time to do exegesis properly. While this will always be necessary, you can speed up the process by having a lower dependence on tools. A fluency in the language helps you quickly see where to focus your attention, and which grammatical constructions are significant.

The clarity and confidence you will gain from reading will help you to come to better conclusions in less time. This frees you to spend more time applying your understanding of scripture to the lives of those you minister to.


Reading in Greek will deepen your understanding of Christ and his Word like never before. The more you understand who the Lord is through his word, the stronger your faith and sense of purpose will be.

You don't have to just read Greek for the sake of study, you can read the Greek New Testament in your own devotional times. This will enrich your walk with the Lord and help you grow spiritually, which will overflow into your life and the lives of those around you.

Reading Greek in your devotional time will enrich not only your life, but also your ministry and service.


As you read your Greek New Testament, you'll develop a confidence in your understanding of what God says in His word. This deeper understanding is what gives you a strong conviction of the truthfulness of scripture.

This results in an increased desire to please the Lord in every aspect of your life. As your desire to please the Lord grows, your faithfulness to Him and His Word will increase. The best way become and remain a faithful shepherd is to grow in your own conviction of the importance of God's holiness and His calling on your life.

These and many more benefits are yours when you learn to read New Testament Greek!

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