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What if I Told You...

You Could Be Translating Basic NT Greek in

Just 5 Days...

Even With No Prior Experience of Learning Greek!

Darryl Burling

Dr. Darryl Burling
Creator of Master New Testament Greek

Learn the basics of biblical Greek and get a whole new revelation of the word with...

The 5-Day Intro To Greek Challenge

The 5 Day Challenge is a 5-day long, action-packed challenge in which I’ll guide you by the hand through some of the fundamentals of biblical Greek. 

In this challenge, you’ll go from knowing nothing about Greek to being able to translate texts picked straight out of the Greek New Testament. You’ll be part of a private group inside the Master New Testament Greek Community, where you get daily training and encouragement, plus almost instant help with any question, and you’ll be given specific exercises designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

If you’ve always felt that learning Greek was too big or intimidating of a task, this challenge will help you get started and discover the joy of learning to read the word of God in its original language. 

Your Faith, Your Ministry, and Your Walk With The Lord, All Rest on How Well You Know Him Through His Word...

From: Dr Darryl Burling

Re: 5 Day Challenge


I want to ask you…

What would it mean for you to grow in your walk with Christ?

For some, it’s about transformation on a personal level…

For others, it’s about being a more effective servant of the kingdom…

And for others still, it’s considered vital to their ministry….

I’ll share why I think learning Greek is helpful for a deeper knowledge of Christ, but first, check out these questions and see how many of them you answer YES to….

    • Do you want to know your Creator more intimately, but find yourself limited by your English translation of the Word? 
    • Do you feel ineffective in your efforts to serve the Kingdom, or uncertain about the Lord’s will for you? 
    • Do you feel at a loss when other people seem to be interpreting scripture wrong? 
    • Are you wondering how much of the intended meaning of scripture gets “lost in translation?” 
    • Are you eagerly desiring a life built on the firm foundation of God’s word? 
  • Are you praying that the Lord would grant you his wisdom so that you can have a house filled with rare and beautiful treasures? (Proverbs 24: 3-4) 

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, then I want to invite you to the 5 Day Intro to Greek Challenge to get started on the epic journey of learning to read biblical Greek.  

A Fruitful Christian Life is Always Built On A Firm Foundation...

And that’s exactly what you’re establishing when you study scripture.

If you desire a life that’s fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful, you’ll need the firm foundation of God’s word.

How else can you live in the way he’s called you to live?

How can you “rightly handle the word of truth” as it says in 2 Timothy 2:15?

We are called to live lives that glorify God…

And the better we are at studying scripture, the better we can understand the will of God, His redemptive plan, and how we fit into it. 

Learning to Read in Koine Greek Can Enrich Your Experience of the Word, and Therefore, Your Life!

So How Does This Challenge Work?

The 5-Day Challenge costs $25 to join (this covers your whole first month of being in the MNTG Community).

For that $25, you get not only 5 FULL DAYS of intensive Greek learning material, especially designed for the very beginning of the Greek learning journey…  

 …But you also get a Master New Testament Greek Community Membership – granting you access to an online community of dedicated Greek learners who will happily answer all your questions, plus you get 3 LIVE teaching calls a week (separate from the 5-Day Challenge) which I usually host. 

But back to the 5 days for a second…  

Each day I’m going to be delivering a NEW training for you, guiding you step-by-step through the fundamentals of koine Greek, starting with the Greek alphabet.  

Every day you get a video and a mission to complete. Your job is to check in, complete your mission, and then help and encourage others who are in the 5-Day Challenge with you.  

You’ll have a place to share your successes, questions and struggles as you go, and you’ll get almost immediate help and feedback from members in the Community when you post a question.

And What About The Time Commitment?

I’m not expecting you to completely press pause on your work, family or other study commitments… 


With the 5 Day Challenge, you should easily be able to complete each day’s work with roughly an hour of study. 


Plus, you can break up the time, do some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and memorise things like vocabulary throughout the day. 

Here Are The Benefits Of The Master New Testament Greek Community You Get To Enjoy

The MNTG Community is the internet’s best Greek learning community – a paid, private membership for Greek learners who want a structure of support, accountability, and new, weekly learning tasks to engage in.  

This Community is full of passionate, dedicated Greek learners who are all at different places on the same journey, and every week there are tons of great discussions, questions and resources shared by members.  

Inside the Community is also where I do 3 of my regular teaching calls – the weekly Office Hours calls and Text Reading calls, and then the monthly Reading Academy Call.  

After your 5 day challenge is finished, you’ll have 25 more days to interact with the Community, jump on the calls, and see for yourself how much value this is to your Greek learning journey…  

But That's Not Even The Best Bit!

The 5-Day Intro to Greek Challenge is not just about you getting the fundamentals down and then being left to figure it out on your own…  


Oh no.  


The 5-Day Challenge has been thoughtfully engineered to get you in the prime position to start Beginning Greek straight away…  


And luckily for you, there’s a Beginning Greek Cohort starting up just days after this challenge ends, which is a week-by-week LIVE walkthrough of the MNTG Beginning Greek Course…

Which You Can Try For No Extra Cost By Requesting An Upgrade to Mastery!

This is possibly the best deal I’ve ever offered…  


(My team actually thinks I’m crazy for offering this much value at such a low price, but my goal is always to give value first...)


Because when you complete your 5-Day Challenge, you can upgrade right away to Mastery for no extra cost til your next billing cycle!*

*The 5 Day Challenge automatically gives you a Community Membership, which is billed on a monthly basis

That’s right, for the crazy-low price of $25 you get...

    • The full 5-Day Intro To Greek Challenge, complete with videos and worksheets, plus two LIVE calls
    • whole month of the MNTG Community membership where you can get answers to all your questions, hop on live teaching calls, and discuss Greek with other learners 
    • A FREE upgrade to a Mastery Membership with no additional payment til your next billing cycle
    • Immediate Access to my complete course of Beginning Greek when you request an upgrade, PLUS enrolment into the Beginning Greek Cohort which takes you through Beginning Greek LIVE with teaching calls every week

And from then on, if you think you’re getting amazing value, all you have to do is stay a Mastery Member* and carry on with Beginning Greek, and before you know it…  

*The Mastery Membership is $45/mo, which is billed on a monthly basis

You’ll be reading your Greek New Testament with confidence!

You see, that’s really where I want to take you to…  


To the point where you’re spending meaningful time in the word of God, in Greek. 

When you begin to read Greek in your devotional time, slowly absorbing the verses as they were originally structured, you’ll be extracting fresh insights from scripture. 

You’ll be learning and discovering things that naturally flow over into your ministry, relationships, and personal transformation. 

Ultimately, this journey of learning Greek will help you to know the Lord, to grow in Christlikeness and bear the fruit of the Spirit for His glory.   




Don’t delay – Register for the 5 Day Challenge and begin the exciting journey of learning to read biblical Greek.

"Like a personal trainer for the
Greek New Testament"

Dr. Rob Plummer

Daily Dose of Greek, Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Watch Dr. Plummer's video


This really is the best time in history to join Master New Testament Greek… 


And if you don’t like it, well hey, it’s only 5 days! 


What have you got to lose?


In Christ


Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator, Master New Testament Greek

Darryl Burling

Helping You to Grow in Christlikeness Through Your Knowledge of the Word

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