How to learn Greek online and with private instruction

Learning biblical Greek alone is hard work. A class provides some powerful advantages over learning Greek alone. However, modern technology means that you can get the best of both worlds. You can learn Greek online, but get the benefits of personalized instruction. In this article, I'll share how this provides an advantage and how you can join a class to learn Greek online with private instruction.

How to learn Greek online and with private instruction

Live courses?

There are two primary advantages of learning biblical Greek in a live course. First, and perhaps the most important advantage is the ability to ask questions and get immediate feedback as you work through exercises or content. For example, you might be working through a lesson on the aorist and you may be puzzling over the difference between first and second aorist forms. In a live environment you can ask questions to clarify your understanding, or you can take a specific example use it to walk through the concepts. If you were not in a live class, you can still do this, but you'd be looking up the answer in books by yourself. Having this feedback immediately available speeds learning and reinforces what you learn.

The second advantage of a live course is that there is a shared camaraderie with the other students. Have you ever been through a difficult experience, or a team building exercise and felt differently about the people in the group afterwards? Learning Greek with a group is similar. The loneliness is dramatically reduced as you meet with others. The difficulty of the task is felt together and this provides encouragement to keep going. You learn that it isn't just you. There is also a feeling of accountability. If others can do this, so can you.

Beyond all these, a live course tends to mean you're more invested, more encouraged, and therefore you will retain more and your learning will be more efficient.

Online courses have advantages too

However, online courses have benefits too. The primary benefit is that you've got the instruction you need waiting for you when you want it. You don't have to go to seminary, you don't need to leave your job, and you can continue to serve in your local church. At the same time you can accelerate your growth.

A good online course will allow you to use your time based on your needs, providing you with lessons, exercises and additional drills to guid you through each phase of the learning process, but which you can do at a time that is convenient.

The problem of online education is that so many people who sign up to a class don't complete the course. Unfortunately, in most cases, if you don't finish, you end up without a chance to repeat it. In those cases where there is some level of class interaction, once the course is done often the opportunity to work with others is also gone. If you don't keep up, the value is gone. This is compounded when you have the higher up-front costs that courses tend to charge.

Private instruction?

If you attend a college or seminary, you can also make appointments to see the professor after class. Some online environments will allow private email with the teacher, but normally private instruction is difficult in an online environment. But what if you could book a one to one call a couple of times a month when you needed to? Even if you didn't use it, it would be great to have the option available.

Learn Greek online with the Mastery Membership

The Master New Testament Greek Mastery Membership is different to other ways to learn Greek online. The Mastery Membership provides you a number of benefits over an online school or online course.

First, it isn't bound by curriculum requirements. The goal is simple: help you learn to read the Greek New Testament fluently. The Mastery Membership is specifically focused on learning to read for the benefit of your soul. As you grow in your love of the language, you'll grow in your love of the word of God and its author.

Second, you're not just taking a small step through a single course. You're working toward the goal of reading the entire Greek New Testament fluently. You don't need to work out which class to take next. The membership is designed to lead you step by step all the way to full fluency. Each week you get a little more work to do, and most importantly, a little more text of the Greek New Testament which you can read fluently. Using the specially designed Master New Testament Greek approach, fluency takes just a few years.

Third, you don't pay hefty up front fees. Where you'd normally pay hundreds of dollars per course, the Mastery Membership has a low flat rate per month, which gives you all the benefits of your membership as long as you remain a member in good standing. You never lose your benefits, and you can gain many additional benefits along the way.

Advantages of membership

Fourth, there are far more benefits to the Mastery Membership than just a course. A course is designed to move you forward one discernible step. The Mastery Membership provides you with a carefully crafted learning structure to take you step-by-step all the way to fluency. The membership provides access to all course, including any live classes we have running. Have to quit half way through a course? Just keep working away at your own pace and join the next one where you left off! Need a little help along the way? Members have the ability to book a 1:1 call to get personalized help and support.

In addition, we have live monthly community calls that provide additional training, introductions and lessons along the way. There is also an online slack community to stay in touch with others.

In short, the Mastery Membership provides you all the benefits of live courses, and online learning and provides you with 1:1 private instruction along the way and all for a low monthly fee.

Want to learn Greek?

If you want to learn Greek online, then consider joining Master New Testament Greek. We have a beginning Greek course that combines the best of online and in-person. Here's how it works.

Each week, you watch the lesson video explaining this weeks concepts. Then we provide you with a worksheet to help you learn those concepts, along with vocabulary to learn each week. Finally, you'll work through the workbook exercises for the week, and then we'll meet together for an hour and work through the exercises together.

Using this time to discuss your workbook exercises allows you to interact with different interpretive decisions, and sharpens your own interpretation. At the same time you build a connection with other members, and you can encourage one another.

What about you?

If you'd like to learn Greek online, go ahead and sign up to the waitlist. I'll let you know the next time membership opens, and you can join a hybrid online class. Here's what one student said about the Master New Testament Greek beginning Greek course.

In the last half year I have gone from knowing nothing about Greek to understanding the basic vocabulary and rudimentary structure of the language of the New Testament. I can now readily use and understand the lexicons and can see the time when I will be reading the Greek New Testament fluently. This would never have happened without Darryl’s excellent instruction and guidance. I am grateful the course was available and highly recommend it.

Sign up to the wait list and learn Greek online with Master New Testament Greek!

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