Members Call

This members-only call will be focused on getting up and running. There are two groups who might benefit from this

  1. Those who are new (Welcome!) 
  2. Those who are not new but who haven’t yet started

Here’s what we’ll be discussing.

There is a lot to talk about, and my goal is to ensure that by the end of the call you’ve got everything you need to take the next step!

Click the button below at the time shown below to join the meeting!

(Yes, this call will be recorded, so if you don’t make it, you can still watch it)

  • Pacific/Auckland: Apr 21 - 07:30
  • Australia/Sydney: Apr 21 - 05:30
  • America/New York: Apr 20 - 15:30
  • America/Los Angeles: Apr 20 - 12:30
  • Europe/London: Apr 20 - 20:30
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