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You can learn to sight read the entire New Testament in Greek without a reader’s edition or Bible Software!

All you need is the right tools, habits and system.

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Master New Testament Greek has transformed how I read the Greek New Testament. No longer frustrated by passages full of unfamiliar vocabulary, sometimes feeling like I'm looking up almost every word, now I can come to the text with the confidence that I know a basic gloss for every word.
David Morgan
Customer, United Kingdom

If you’re interested in mastering the Greek of the New Testament, chances are that you want to deepen your knowledge and love of the word of God. 

There is no doubt that mastering Greek provides you with fantastic benefits. Sure, it will help you study the Bible, but you’ll go so much further. Mastering Greek brings the value of your learning into your whole life, benefitting your walk with the Lord, your family, and your ministry.

Mastering the Greek New Testament is a journey in the sense that it takes time, patience and steady steps. Master New Testament Greek is designed to guide you from wherever you are right now, book by book through the entire Greek New Testament. 

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The Master New Testament Greek program allows you to do just that. I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps.
Dennis Davies
Customer, United States
Master New Testament Greek provides the accountability and coaching that students and pastors need to progress in their reading of the Greek New Testament.
Dr. Rob Plummer
Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Creator of the Daily Dose of Greek.
Master New Testament Greek is one of the best tools available today. Highly recommended.
Dr. Constantine Campbell
Associate Professor of New Testament
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
I strongly commend Master New Testament Greek to anyone who desires to know God more deeply through His Word.
Steven Pretsel
Customer, Australia
Now, after 20 years in the pastoral ministry I am actually reading my Greek NT rather than tediously dissecting the text for sermon preparation.
Ken Anema how has sheer joy in reading the Greek New Testament thanks to Master New Testament Greek
Ken Anema
Customer, United States
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