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Darryl Burling

Dr. Darryl Burling
Creator of Master New Testament Greek


Two memberships, One laser focus!

Designed to help you achieve consistent, and measurable progress toward fluency in New Testament Greek.


For those who need a little help, encouragement and accountability, but who have all the tools they need.


Perfect for those who want personalized help, course material, cohort study groups and a comprehensive plan

Start making progress!

The community is the heart of the entire MNTG membership, and provides you with a group of like-minded people who are on the same journey to masteyr that you’re on. Some will be ahead of you, some will be behind, but we are all on the same journey and can support and encourage each other along the way.

The Community Membership is perfect for Beginning Greek students who are self-starters and already working consistently through a grammar, or for more advanced students who want to settle in, learn the vocabulary and take their reading to the next level through Intermediate Office Hours. 

In addition to access to the community, the Community Membership also includes

Office Hours

Each week, we have an Greek Office Hours call focused specifically on answering questions, discussing grammar and breaking down a NT passages. Meet others, learn, share and keep moving!

Text Reading Calls

We also meet each week to read koine texts together. We read from the Greek New Testament, the Apostolic Fathers and the Greek Old Testament. Join us and expand your knowledge of Koine Greek!

MNTG Reading Academy

Read a book each month with us to challenge and develop your knowledge of Greek and the New Testament. At the end of the month, join our reading call to discuss what you've learned and hear from others.

Everything You Need for Mastery

The Mastery Membership includes everything in the Community Membership, and adds a systematic, comprehensive learning structure through the entire Greek New Testament.

"Like a personal trainer for the
Greek New Testament"

Dr. Rob Plummer

Daily Dose of Greek, Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Watch Dr. Plummer's video

Where are you starting from?


Learn Biblical Greek even if you've never looked at a letter of Greek before


Regain skills lost, and develop them well beyond what they ever were

Everything you need to learn Greek either at your own pace, or in a class setting!

Full Beginning Greek Course

The Mastery Membership includes a full beginning Greek course, with lecture videos, supplemental homework, and more. Twice a year, we start a new cohort, which provides a live environment that helps keep members moving forward.

Weekly Office Hours

Use the Office Hours call to stay connected even if you aren't in a current cohort. Ask questions, get clarification and learn as we discuss Greek together


For intermediate students, the Mastery Membership takes you all the way to mastery of New Testament Greek.

Reading Greek Course

For Mastery Members who have completed beginning Greek the Reading Greek course introduces the task of reading the Greek New Testament and some of the basic syntax of NT Greek.

Greek Syntax Course

With a little reading experience, members are able to delve more fully into the syntax of the Greek New Testament in the Greek Syntax course, broadening out their knowledge of the Greek language.

Text Reading Calls

Each week, intermediate members are able to join a live call to practice reading koine texts together. We read from the Greek New Testament, the Apostolic Fathers and the Greek Old Testament.

The 5 Stages to Master the Greek of the NT

The Mastery Membership will walk you through 5 stages on your way to mastery. 

Each stage represents greater reading fluency in the Greek New Testament, and includes markers and check-ins to keep you making progress toward mastery.

Stage 1

Start at the beginning

Where you are today is your starting point, whether beginner, rusty or ready.

Stage 2

Establish the habits

Once you know the basics, you need to establish the necessary habits for reading Greek

Stage 3

Read the easy books

Gain experience, develop your syntax and continue to make significant progress, week by week.

Stage 4

Gain Greek Freedom

Your mastery of the New Testament continues to expand, and you're able to work through more difficult texts

Stage 5

Master the New Testament

Finish mastering the New Testament and add texts from outside the New Testament to broaden your knowledge and take you to mastery

The Mastery Membership is a carefully crafted tailored rewarding systematic graded proven satisfying approach to master NT Greek

Live Courses

Different courses start each quarter. Below you’ll find the currently planned schedule of courses. 

The timeline below is the schedule for the next 12 months, all dates are subject to change.

Q3 2021


  • Beginning Greek (Aug)
  • Reading Greek (Aug)
  • Greek Syntax (Sept)
Q3 2021

Q4 2020


  • Interpretation (New) (Oct)
Q4 2020

Q1 2022


  • Beginning Greek (Jan)
  • Devotional Depth (New) (Jan)
  • Reading Greek (Feb)
  • Interpretation (Feb)
Q1 2022

Q2 2022


  • Beginning Greek (April)
Q2 2022

Which MNTG membership will help you make progress?


Community while studying alone
$ 25 Monthly
  • Join the MNTG Online Community
  • Weekly office hours call
  • MNTG Reading Academy
  • Monthly Reading Review Call
  • Occasional Community Bonuses
  • Complete vocabulary for the NT
  • Full Beginning Greek Course
  • Weekly Beginning Greek Review Calls
  • Reading Greek course to build reading confidence
  • Full Intermediate Greek Syntax Greek course
  • Complete NT Mastery Program
  • Book a 30 minute 1:1 support call per month


Everything you need to Master NT Greek
$ 45 Monthly
  • Join the MNTG Online Community
  • Weekly office hours call
  • MNTG Reading Academy
  • Monthly Reading Review Call
  • Occasional Community Bonuses
  • Complete vocabulary for the NT
  • Access to self-study beginning Greek course
  • Access to Live beginning Greek course
  • Reading Greek course to build reading confidence
  • Access to Live intermediate Greek course
  • Complete NT Mastery Program
  • Book a 30 minute 1:1 support call per month

What Members Say

Meg's Story

Meg is a busy Mom of 4 who homeschools her children while also struggling with some serious health issues. Hear how she learned Greek in the midst of this!

Member Review

Stephen Hackett, a Mastery Member who also has a YouTube channel, created this independent review of Master New Testament Greek .

If you want to learn to read the Greek New Testament with fluency, then Master New Testament Greek by Dr. Darryl Burling is perfect for you. My personal experience with the MNTG program and interaction with Dr. Burling has been exceedingly positive in all respects. After two years in the Mastery Membership program my ability to read and comprehend the Greek texts has soared. Not only have I become fluent with many Greek texts but I’ve also gained clarity and confidence when it comes to preaching and teaching the Scriptures. Above all else, I’m getting to know my Saviour in a deeper way. So, if you’re committed to the task and joy of learning to read the Greek New Testament, this program will get you there.!
Steven Pretsel
The Master New Testament Greek program allows you to do just that. I am now able to read directly from many Greek texts of the Bible without having to go back-and-forth using time consuming original language helps. Better however, is that MNTG is not just a self study program. Darryl is personally involved in helping and encouraging all of us in the program to improve our Greek skills. Most important, this is the only program I've found since graduating from Seminary that has made it possible for me to maintain and grow in my mastery of the Greek text of the Bible.​
Dennis Davies
United States
I've learned Greek at Bible college back in 2004-2006 but lost it all because of the busyness of ministry. Since then I've tried many different methods to relearn it but failed every time until I started on the Mastery Membership at Master NT Greek. What I really like about MNTG is: 1. Its system of learning is clear and systematic. It breaks things down into manageable steps, is easy to follow and you get to see your progress towards the goal of reading the entire GNT. 2. Its teacher Darryl Burling is really knowledgable, friendly, helpful and he really wants you to be able to read the entire GNT 3.The MNTG community - learning Greek in the courses together with other people who are passionate about the GNT really spurs me on. Since joining the MNTG programme I've regained all the Greek that I've lost since Bible college, am now able to read the GNT in my devotion and use it in my sermon prep. I am looking forward to be able to read the whole GNT.
Yuk Yee Foo

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Scholarly praise for the
Master New Testament Greek
vocabulary acquisition system

More member testimonials

If you have a longing to read the Greek NT, which our gracious God has gifted us with, and you are looking for a strategy to help you achieve that goal, Master NT Greek is a most excellent resource. I have been blessed by this resource by being given an organized strategy, whereby I learn the vocabulary to the Holy Spirit-inspired Word I desire to read and then actually read it. Thanks be to Christ Jesus for his servants who help us toward greater clarity and enjoyment of the living and abiding Word! 

Charles Brown

Mastery Member

I studied NT Greek for several years on my own using a variety of methods and making little progress. MNTG has exceeded my expectations. Now I am making progress in learning NT Greek. Interacting with others on the same journey is a huge blessing. Darryl has developed an excellent program with an encouraging environment in which I feel excited to learn. It is a thrill to be able to read a book of the NT in Greek. 

Lisa Traughber

Mastery Member

Over the years, I have reviewed beginning Greek three times, and intermediate Greek once. On vocabulary I either used software or an interlinear. In trying to learn vocabulary I went occurrence with flashcards, and browsed methods that used cognates or even semantic domains (words with similar meanings). I even tried a method of ‘spoken conversational Koine’. But none of these led to actually reading a chapter of Greek, for that I simply followed an interlinear. I have just spent two months using the MNTG method, and have read the letters of John, 2nd Thessalonians, and Philemon. I take about 30 minutes during the day, a few minutes at a time, using a flashcard program on my phone, and another half hour reading Greek. I read (and re-read) the passages, and perhaps have to look up a word or two per chapter (and I am improving on that). What a blessing!
Ronald Miller
Mastery Member

My ability and confidence to read the Greek text has grown exponentially

“I have really grown to enjoy Master New Testament Greek. As I have progressed through the lessons, my ability and confidence to read the Greek text has grown exponentially. I feel much more comfortable. At first I did not do my quiet time in Greek because it was such a slog to get through it, so much so that I was counter productive to the purpose of communing with the Lord. However, now it is much more illuminating and enjoyable. Also I am 65 years old, so if I can do it so can all of you youngsters! Finally, I want to give a shout to Darryl for all of his hard work.”
Jeff Graff
United States

A consistent, rewarding and sustainable approach to learning Greek

“I began learning NT Greek close to 40 years ago. I learned the basics and used my knowledge to help with word studies and reading the Word in Greek. I never got to the point where I could just read without having to refer back to lexicons. This Mastery approach has been very helpful to me, in that I have developed a daily habit of learning vocabulary at a pace that is manageable with the reward of being able to read some epistles without having to use my software to get definitions. I've only read through 5 books in this course so far, but I already notice a big difference in my other readings in Greek as well. The flashcard program for memorizing is very useful. It uses swiping to go through the vocabulary, so one can quickly swipe through known words and only linger over ones that need help. After the words are initially learned then they return at intervals, so that there is always some review. I have found this a very effective flash card app. The Mastery approach has furnished me with a consistent, rewarding and sustainable approach to learning Greek.”
Ron Bugner
United States

Dr. Darryl Burling

Creator, Master New Testament Greek

Darryl Burling

Money-back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Master New Testament Greek within the first 30 days, then I will gladly refund your money. 

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